TPO29 task1

Which of the following jobs or careers do you think would be most rewarding?
A. University professor
B. Environmental scientist
C. Newspaper journalist



As I think, university professor is the most rewarding job. First of all, the profession can bring you a great sense of achievement. One of the greatest joys in the world is seeing students who have struggled with a concept and suddenly get this light behind their eyes as the key ingredient that was confusing them disappears, and they suddenly understand the concept and how to apply it. There are few greater rewards on Earth than being responsible for that kind of knowledge growth in another human being. What’s more, a professor might make a difference to a student’s life. I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate Professor Malakoff’s guidance when I was struggling with what to do in my life after graduation. She made me realize my passion for education and my possibility for being a good teacher. And I’m enjoying every second of my teaching career now. She made a huge influence on my career path.  


Personally speaking, I think the university professor is the most rewarding job. And I have a couple of reasons for this. First, I think the duty of university is to impart knowledge. University professors cultivate talents for our country and can enjoy a sense of accomplishment. And at the same time, the university professor can enlarge his own scope of knowledge by doing lots of research and experiments. Besides, compared with other jobs, university professors are granted with more vacations, which allow them to have more time to enjoy their leisure life and get good refreshment. So that’s why I think the university professor is the most rewarding job.
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