TPO52 Selling Self-made Ceramic Bowls 出售自制陶碗


[00:00.00]Listen to part of a conversation between a student and an employee at the campus store. 
[00:06.00]Student:I’d like the ceramic coffee mugs you have on display at the other end of the store. [00:10.85]Were they made by students? 
[00:12.20]Employee:Oh, we only use certain suppliers, wholesalers who’ve been selected by the store manager.
[00:17.60]Student:Do you ever sell things made by students?
[00:20.50]Employee:We used preferred vendors only because……I mean if we said yes to one student, we’d have to say yes to any student who asks. [00:27.80] And this store is only so big. 
[00:29.70] Student:That’s too bad because I made these pretty ceramic bowls, I designed them myself, I’m a studio art major. [00:36.30]Anyway… um… I was hoping I could sell them here. [00:39.50]You see I’m taking art 202, marketing your art.  [00:42.65]And for my final project I need to find a way to sell my own art work.
[00:46.10]Employee:Um… what about selling on line?  [00:48.60]A lot of art and crafts are marketed that way……
[00:51.50]Student:I really don’t have the computer skills or the time to manage a website.
[00:55.30]Employee:What about the emporium?[00:56.92] You know, that gift shop downtown. [00:58.60] I’ve seen items by the local artists there.
[01:01.10]Student:The emporium buys directly from the artists?
[01:03.60]Employee:Well, they sell items on consignment.
[01:06.30]Student:Consignment… I think my professor mentioned that.  
[01:10.00]Employee:Yeah, you give them some items to sell on your behalf and then you and the stores split the purchase price.[01:16.60] But they wouldn’t pay you anything up front if that’s what you want. [01:20.10]And you might need to provide your own display case.
[01:24.10]Student:Oh, I already have a display case, a portable one with three shelves. [01:28.00]But aren’t the shops that were… you know, just buy stuff from me outright? [01:33.10]Because if not enough bowls were sold, how would I recruit the cost of my materials?  [01:37.30]They are not cheap and neither was the case. 
[01:39.70]Employee:All the stores around here that sell craft items are small and independently owned, unlike the emporium. [01:45.90]For them, selling on consignment lowers their risk. [01:49.20]They don’t get stuck with unsold items. [01:51.55]They can return them to the owner. [01:53.20]You just have to make sure you set the retail price high enough to make it worth you want.  [01:58.20]But you’re right, consignment isn’t for everyone.  [02:01.20]What about the spring craft fair?  [02:03.50]You know that outdoor market that‘s held on Saturdays? [02:06.50]Plenty of local people sell their stuff there, ceramics, jewelry, decorative items. [02:11.20]The vendor fee is nominal I believe.
[02:13.50]Student:Oh, yeah. I remember seeing that last year. [02:16.60]All those tables lined up in that vacant lot on main street, right?
[02:20.10]Employee:Right. Since the craft fair’s only a few blocks from campus, it seems like a good place for students to sell things.
[02:27.10]Student:Do you know how it works? 
[02:28.60]Employee:I think you just rent a space and set up your table to display your bowls on. [02:32.60]You’d set the prices and keep all the profits. 
[02:35.60]Student:Seems doable. [02:37.30]But… um… I don’t have a car to haul everything down there. 
[02:41.55]Employee:You could take the campus bus. It goes into town on weekends.
[02:45.30]Student:True… um… but I’d also have to sit there all day when I should be in the library or the studio… [02:52.00]I don’t know, I suppose I could do my reading assignments between customers.

1.Why does the woman go to talk to the man?

此题出处是: Student: Do you ever sell things made by students? 对话开头学生就询问店员可不可以把学生自己制作的工艺品放到店里来卖,选项C符合。选项A说是为了找出商店是怎么给艺术家报酬的,选项B是说为了买一些咖啡杯,选项D是说为了询问寄售的好处和坏处,都不合适。选择C。




[ə'priːʃɪeɪt; -sɪ-]

vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别 (appreciate的第三人称单数)


vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别(appreciate的第三人称单数)

vi.增值;涨价 vi.增值;涨价vi.增值;涨价


They don't have any confidence that houses will appreciate in value.(TPO49-20)

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