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University Announces Energy-Saving Plan
Out of concern for the environment, the university has announced an effort to reduce energy consumption. The energy saving measures will start at the library. One measure involves the library’s inside lighting: new overhead lights that use less power will be installed throughout the building. Another measure has to do with the temperature level in the library. The air-conditioning will be reduced on hot days, meaning that study areas will be kept somewhat warmer when it is hot outside.


M: So what do you think of the new policy?
W: Well, they’ve got the right idea. But I don’t think it will work out as they planned.
M: Really? Why not?
W: I just feel they haven’t thought through the consequences. For example, have you seen the new lights? They’ve already been installed in the reference room, they are just not bright enough.
M: Oh.
W: Yeah. And there are sorts of individual lamps in the study areas.
M: The reading lamps?
W: Yeah, the reading lamps. Well nobody uses them, nobody turns them on now. But people are gonna start turning them all on if the overhead light is dimmer. So any saving is gonna go away.
M: OK, but what about what they are doing with the air conditioning? That’s surly going to save.
W: Save energy? You bet. But there is a different problem. Think about what the library’s going to be like on hot days?
M: It’s certainly gonna be a lot less comfortable.
W: Right now the library is the best place to get studying done. It’s pretty comfortable and it’s quiet. I think now when it is really hot, students will just wind up studying back to their dorm rooms. I know I will.
M: Cause the dorms will be still cool on hot days. But they are often so noisy.
W: Exactly, loud and busy and bad for my concentration.
M: So people won’t have any really good place to study.


The woman expresses her opinion of the university's plan. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.

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University is planning to start energy saving plan from library. However, the woman doesn’t agree. Because first the new lights that have already been installed in the reference room are not bright enough, and even though the reading lamps are not being used now, they will be turning on if the overhead light is dimmer by then. So this saving will go away. Plus, the air conditioning will save energy for sure, but it will cause another problem. Right now, library is the best place for students to study, but if the air conditioning is turned off, it will be pretty uncomfortable on hot days. And if so, students will wind up going back to their dorms to study, which is busy, noisy and bad for their concentration.





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vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别(appreciate的第三人称单数)

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