TPO29 task4
Scatter Hoarding

Many animals live in environments where food is plentiful during certain times of the year and scarce during other times of the year. In such environments, some animals collect and prepare food when it is plentiful, then hoard it—store it—for future use. Some types of hoarders engage in scatter hoarding. Unlike other types of hoarders, scatter hoarders do not store the food all in one place; instead, they scatter it—divide it up and hide it in many different places. Later, at a time when food is scarce, the hoarders return to these hiding places and recover the food.


Explain how the example from the professor’s lecture illustrate the practice of scatter hoarding.



Animals usually hoard some food for the time when there's no food. And some animals divide their storage of food into different places and when the food is scarce, they return to the places and recover the food. For example, there's a kind of squirrels feeding on nuts that are plentiful in autumn while scarce in winter. So they spend a lot of time in autumn finding nuts. Then they prepare nuts by taking off the shells and cleansing them, which helps preserve and makes the nuts easier to eat later on. After that the squirrels dig thousands of holes at different places to hoard the prepared nuts so that even if some of the nuts are found by other animals, they still have enough food for the winter. (132 words)


The passage gives the definition of scatter hoarding, which means that some animals store food by dividing food into different places in order to survive food-scarce season. In the lecture, the professor gives the example of a kind of squirrel. This kind of squirrel collects a lot of nuts in autumn which is a season of nuts harvesting. It spends a lot of time collecting and preparing the nut. Because it is hard for it to find nuts in winter. Then it digs small holes on the ground and buries the nuts in the hole to preserve food. But it doesn’t put all the nuts in one hole. It digs a lot of holes and put just one nut in one hole.Because even other animas find some nuts of them, the squirrel still have other nuts to help it survive the winter.
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