TPO49 Independent Writing

Directions: Read the question below. You have 30 minutes to plan, write, and revise your essay. Typically, an effective response will contain a minimum of 300 words
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The ability to maintain friendships with a small number of people over a long period of time is more important for happiness than the ability to make many new friends easily.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
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Friendship and kinship contribute a lot to one’s happiness. Then, the question goes, “does the ability to main long-term friendships with a small number of people matters more than the ability to make many new friends easily?” My answer is “yes”.  First of all, old friends usually show stronger loyalty than those newly-acquainted fellows. That means, no matter what happens, these friends would always stand by your side and provide you with supports unconditionally. However, this merit is usually missing in short-term friendship. Last year when I was in hospital, 2 of my old friends took turns to take care of me, accompanying me to endure the very hard time. However, few of my “wide-range” new friends even came to visit me. It is clearly that long-term friendship is much more reliable and the ability to main such kind of relationship is more critical.  In addition, old friends tend to show more understanding of you, being familiar with your hobbies, interests and some other peculiarities. So, it is usually more comfortable for me to be with my old friends. For instance, I am lactose intolerant and every time when I have dinner with my old friends, they would skip anything that contains milk or cheese, ordering food based on my favor. Contrary to my old friends’ consideration, those newly-acquainted fellows are inclined to show surprise about my intolerance and still pick the food of lactose they prefer. So, to me, old friends are much more considerate and contribute more to my happiness.  Admittedly, the ability to make new friends easily are quite important for a person to get new ideas, broadening their views from different groups of people. However, compared with the ability to maintain long-term friendship, it still plays a less significant role for one’s happiness.  To sum up, one’s happiness is consist of various parts, including self-achievement, security and etc. And I believe long-term friendship is of higher importance than other parts. As a result, the ability to maintain long-term friendship with a small group of people is much more important. 




[ə'priːʃɪeɪt; -sɪ-]

vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别 (appreciate的第三人称单数)


vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别(appreciate的第三人称单数)

vi.增值;涨价 vi.增值;涨价vi.增值;涨价


They don't have any confidence that houses will appreciate in value.(TPO49-20)

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