TPO50 Straw Poll 民意测验


[00:00.50]Listen to a conversation between a student and a political science professor.
[00:06.22] Student: I’m not sure if you know but I was elected to the student government this year.
[00:09.98]Teacher: Oh, congratulations![00:11.76] I was in student government myself as an undergraduate. [00:14.68] It taught me a lot about the political processes.[00:17.55] In fact, the experience solved my problem of what to do with my life.[00:20.95] It really cemented my interest of becoming a political scientist.
[00:24.24]Student: Cool! [00:25.13]Anyway, the reason I came by is we are getting ready to conduct a straw poll on campus, you know, hold an informal ballots since the general election is just a couple of months away.[00:33.80] We want to get a feel for the student bodies’ political leanings, like who students are planning to vote for, which political party people identify with, that sort of thing.
[00:42.21]Teacher: Oh sure.[00:43.10] I helped students run the straw poll once years ago, uh, it was a lot of work.[00:48.35] Mostly because we used paper ballots, and stayed up all night counting them.[00:51.85] But if you use computers……
[00:54.13]Student: Yeah, we are creating a website for…where students could be able to vote on line. [00:57.99] Em, we are looking for a faculty advisor to help, actually.[01:01.80] I was hoping you might be interested.
[01:04.31]Teacher: Oh, I’m flattered, John.[01:05.96] But my schedule is so jammed.[01:07.92] I’m teaching two seminars, your intro-course, finishing up my research.[01:12.46] But, what about Professor Clyne?[01:15.70] She is new in our department.[01:17.23] Plus, she is a wiz with computers.
[01:19.05]Student: Ok, I will ask her.
[01:20.35]Teacher: So, have you decided on the topic for your term paper yet?
[01:23.91]Student: Not really.
[01:24.95]Teacher: Why not write about your straw poll? [01:27.09]Since the paper is not due till after the election, you could include your results.[01:31.32] Maybe compare them with the real election results.
[01:33.88]Student: But would that be enough?[01:35.11] I mean, just comparing numbers?
[01:37.12]Teacher: Well, no, you need to provide some analysis, too.[01:40.73] But I was thinking, there is a couple of local ballot questions this year.[01:44.73] You know, referendum, the voters can either support or not support?
[01:48.46]Student: Right. There is one on whether to ban smoking in restaurants, and another one……[01:52.25]I think is whether to spend tax dollars for a new sports arena in the city.
[01:56.64]Teacher: Ah, Ok. Here is an idea. [01:58.49]In regular elections, the vast majority of voters ignore referendum. [02:03.15]They vote for their favorite candidates but avoid ballot questions.[02:07.65] We believe it's because voters aren’t familiar with the questions or don’t understand them. [02:12.99]But actively educating people on ballot questions right before they vote can improve referendum participation rates.
[02:19.94]Student: In that case, maybe we could have our straw poll website provide information on ballot questions, like how each proposal would affect students.
[02:27.07]Teacher: Exactly.[02:28.09] And when you write your paper, you could compare the students’ referendum voting rate to the general public’s.[02:33.94] And include you own analysis of the results. [02:36.40]Plus, there is plenty of publish research on referendum voting behavior.
[02:40.26]Student: Thanks, Professor Miller.[02:41.72] I had no idea the straw poll could actually help me in my course work.

1.Why does the man go to see the professor?

对应原文是: Student: Em, we are looking for a faculty advisor to help, actually. I was hoping you might be interested in. 选项A是说学生找教授是为了讲关于自己论文的一个题目,但其实学生一开始的目的并不在此,只是后面教授提醒学生可以把这次民意测验写进论文,学生才知道原来这次测验对于自己的论文还有帮助,选项A错误;选项B是说告诉老师他被选进了学生会,原文中说他只是打算今年去学生会,并没有真的进去,选项B错误;选项C符合题目出处原文的意思,学生是来邀请老师当他们这个项目的指导教师的,正确;选项D说学生是来讨论收集民意的方法的,对话里这并不是重点,选项D错误。选择C。




[ə'priːʃɪeɪt; -sɪ-]

vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别 (appreciate的第三人称单数)


vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别(appreciate的第三人称单数)

vi.增值;涨价 vi.增值;涨价vi.增值;涨价


They don't have any confidence that houses will appreciate in value.(TPO49-20)

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