tpo50 task3
Response to the Plan for an Additional Lighting System

I oppose the university’s plan to purchase an additional outdoor lighting system. The university says it would make our historic campus more attractive by illuminating our buildings at night. However, the university would spend an extra $1,000 per month for electricity. Instead, I recommend the money be used to complete the library renovation project as quickly as possible.
That’s not the only reason we shouldn't get the new system. These powerful lights would brighten the sky as well as the buildings and seriously interfere with the use of our astronomy equipment. Our academic mission must come first - and the practice of astronomy is done best when the sky is darkest.
—R. N. Heinrich, Professor of Astronomy


Explain why the man agrees with the professor's opinion.


In the reading, one professor proposes that the school shouldn’t spend money purchasing a new lighting system because of two reasons. The first reason is that this new lighting system is too costly and this amount of money could be used to do other meaningful things. The second is that this new system is too bright and it may interfere with school’s academic project. In the listening, the man approves of the professor’s proposal. The first reason is that it is better for the school to spend the money finishing the library renovation, which is more urgent. And secondly, the students and their astronomy professor are recording a comet through a telescope. If this system is installed, it will make the sky at night too bright and the whole recording would be impossible to finish. Therefore, because of these two reasons the man agrees with the professor’s proposal letter.

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