TPO29 task5

Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. Then state which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.



Well, the woman's problem is that her flight got delayed so she hardly had any sleep during the night but she's got a presentation to do an hour later. Accordingly, there are two solutions for the woman. First, she could explain to the professor about her situation and ask for a reschedule of her presentation, or she could just give the presentation today. I believe that the woman should give the presentation today mainly because asking for extension from the professor would be unfair for other students, especially for the students who pull an all-nighter preparing for the presentation. After all, there are students who didn't get sound sleep too and yet are preparing for the presentation. Besides, she's prepared well for the presentation, and she's got big assignments to deal with too, so if she reschedules her presentation, she'll have too much work to handle later. So maybe with a cup of coffee, she could just go ahead and finish her presentation. (162 words)


The woman’s problem is that she is very tired because she hasn't got a good sleep last night due to the delayed flight, but she has to give a presentation in an hour. The first solution is that she can talk to the professor and explain the reason. Maybe the professor will allow her to reschedule the presentation. The second solution is that she can try her best to give the presentation. I personally prefer the second solution. Because firstly, she says that she will have a lot of other tasks to do. If she put off the presentation, maybe it is difficult for her to find another proper time to give the speech. Secondly, if she has prepared enough for the presentation, she still can make a good presentation even though she is very tired, and the coffee also can help a lot.
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