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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for governments to spend money to improve Internet access than to improve public transportation. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
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The development of science and technology has come to pervade every aspect of our lives, especially the influence from the internet, which is changing people's life in a quite unprecedented speed, and as a result, some people consider government should spend money to improve internet access. After taking various factors into consideration, I, on the contrary, reckon that improving public transportation deserves more financial support from the government. Firstly, improvement of public transportation could help to solve the serious environmental problems nowadays. Undoubtedly, the disastrous consequence of environmental pollution has been quite obvious, such as the gloomy haze obscuring the top of the skyscrapers, acid rain poisoning farmland and eroding buildings, sea level rise resulting from global temperature rise etc., which urgently calls for effective measures to resolve all these life-threatening challenges. Public transportation capable of vast passenger volume could be one efficient way to take the place of various private vehicles whose exhaust emission is the main pollutants. For example, I am living in one city in North China that suffered bitterly from air pollution. In order to recover the blue sky, last year our government carried out one policy to lower the price of the bus together with improved services. Not surprisingly, more passengers chose to take public transportation. With less exhaust emission from the private vehicles, the air quality was improved since then. Secondly, compared with internet access, public transportation could benefit more people. Admittedly, with the appearance of various social softwares, internet, because of its efficiency and convenience, does serve as one important role in communication, but not everyone can be proficient or even familiar with internet. We should not ignore the sobering fact that there are still a large amount of illiterate people especially in the remote poverty-stricken areas. Being unable to read or type prevents them from getting online no matter how convenient the Internet access is. By contrast, public transportation could help those areas to connect with outside developed urban areas to develop their economy. The railway connecting eastern China and Tibet could be one persuasive example. Before this railway was built, the lagging economic situation in Tibet constrained the improving of people's living standard. Many family even could not afford their children to get education, while after the Chinese government built the railway to connect Tibet to the outside developed areas, Tibet's economy has been developing dramatically as the railway introduces more industries and encourages tourism, and as a result, large numbers of local people could benefit from what the public transportation promises. Conclusively, since public transportation could ensure both improved environment and economy, the government is highly advised to spend money on improving public transportation.




[ə'priːʃɪeɪt; -sɪ-]

vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别 (appreciate的第三人称单数)


vt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别(appreciate的第三人称单数)

vi.增值;涨价 vi.增值;涨价vi.增值;涨价


They don't have any confidence that houses will appreciate in value.(TPO49-20)

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